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State of Wyoming
Real property records for counties in the State of Wyoming are now available through iProplogic.
District of Columbia
Real Property Records are now available through iProplogic.
ParcelInfo.io updated their API to offer spatial data (Cadastre) records through WKT or GeoJSON. Contact us to start using the API immediately, incorporate it into your software, and start capitalizing on the information we provide to you to offer to your clients.
State of Montana
We are happy to announce that real property records for counties in the State of Montana are now available through iProplogic. Also, we are currently in the process of converting counties in the State of Arkansas. Furthermore, we will be performing our regular updates to Oklahoma counties. Thanks to all of our loyal customers.
We have some major improvements on IPropLogic including: 1. Simplify search function to use the ParcelInfo API search endpoints; 2. IPropLogic are now using ParcelInfo API parcel or parcels endpoints to get all the parcel information, including information tab screens, comparable projects and field card. All of these improvement are going to improve the data accuracy and simplify the information tab screen display. If you are interested in ParcelInfo API, please get the information on https://www.parcelinfo.io website.
Major Update for IPropLogic
There will be a major change for IPropLogic. The search function will be changed into subscription based. All the sponsors who has purchased the website advertisement spot(s) (and the advertisement is still active) will have the free subscription during the current sponsor period.
The update process is scheduled to start from 8:00 am, 05/01/2016. Sorry for the inconvenience.
As always,wonderful to see the technological advances in the GIS community. We want to thank you all for the invitation and look forward to many more years to come. Chris Mask-VP Operations

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We are updating the County data aperiodically in order to keep the accuracy of the information.
Whenever a county is being updated,

1. Users cannot search for the parcels in the county until we finish updating;
2. Users cannot purchase parcel data or shapefile of parcels in the county until we finish updating;
3. Updating usually can be done in 2 hours. Updating large counties may take up to 1 day. More time may be needed under special circumstances.

County being updated:

County going to be updated: