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Enhancement of IPropLogic
Beginning January 20, 2019, property search results and property information will display on two separate web pages. This will improve the speed of searching and loading property information.
State of Colorado
Real property records for Denver County are now available through iProplogic.
State of Pennsylvania
Real property records for Philadelphia County are now available through iProplogic.
State of Washington
Real property records for King County are now available through iProplogic.
State of Texas
Real property records for counties Dallas, Harris, Travis are now available through iProplogic.
State of Wyoming
Real property records for counties in the State of Wyoming are now available through iProplogic.
District of Columbia
Real Property Records are now available through iProplogic.
ParcelInfo.io updated their API to offer spatial data (Cadastre) records through WKT or GeoJSON. Contact us to start using the API immediately, incorporate it into your software, and start capitalizing on the information we provide to you to offer to your clients.
State of Montana
We are happy to announce that real property records for counties in the State of Montana are now available through iProplogic. Also, we are currently in the process of converting counties in the State of Arkansas. Furthermore, we will be performing our regular updates to Oklahoma counties. Thanks to all of our loyal customers.
We have some major improvements on IPropLogic including: 1. Simplify search function to use the ParcelInfo API search endpoints; 2. IPropLogic are now using ParcelInfo API parcel or parcels endpoints to get all the parcel information, including information tab screens, comparable projects and field card. All of these improvement are going to improve the data accuracy and simplify the information tab screen display. If you are interested in ParcelInfo API, please get the information on https://www.parcelinfo.io website.
Major Update for IPropLogic
There will be a major change for IPropLogic. The search function will be changed into subscription based. All the sponsors who has purchased the website advertisement spot(s) (and the advertisement is still active) will have the free subscription during the current sponsor period.
The update process is scheduled to start from 8:00 am, 05/01/2016. Sorry for the inconvenience.
As always,wonderful to see the technological advances in the GIS community. We want to thank you all for the invitation and look forward to many more years to come. Chris Mask-VP Operations

What can I get from iPropLogic?

iPropLogic is a Subscription based fully functional searchable database of information that would be found in the county assessor’s offices. The user can use the powerful search functions to find properties, building information, sales information, location information and ownership information. Additionally the user can view the property field card with ease.

Just click on the 'Property Search' drop down tab above and click 'Property Search Subscription' for subscription.

What can I get from registration?

By registering with iPropLogic, the user will be able to not only use the subscription services, but also utilize the full functionality of the site. There is NO COST to register yet it allows the user to track information of importance. The user can also use the compare functions and reports to compare properties for price, similarities and adjustments.

Additionally, with registration; the user can create a list of favorites for parcels or searches that the user wants to keep and easily pull at their convenience.

With registration, the user can also purchase property information data (in csv format…like excel), shape files, platbooks, and wall maps. The shape files and data lists remain available for download under the users' registration for 10 days and we can track the purchases made. Along with this after a certain number of purchases, the user will be issued discounts which can be viewed under the same registration page. User can also subscribe the reports which can be generated and download under 'Reports' menu.

Registering as an advertiser on the website allows the user to utilize the advertising functions to assign ads to particular parcels, sections or townships which will be viewed on the site and printed materials. Just as we offer discounts for dollars spent to personal users, we will also offer discounts to advertisers as well. (Please contact us to register you as an advertiser)

On each users' or advertisers' registration, there is a tally bar that will show the number of dollars spent and how much more must be spent to get the next discount amount. You can find it on 'Website Purchases' page of users and 'Sponsoring Purchases page of advertisers.

Feel free to contact us to get more information.

If registration is what you want, REGISTER HERE .

If you have any concern about the registration, CONTACT US .